Welcome graphic for Chris GoopyJoin us in welcoming to three blogs curated by Chris Goopy to our membership roll.

Chris, also known as “Crissouli,” is an Australian blogger who says the following about herself:

“Sometimes, there are too many words within… sometimes they simply have to be written….. sometimes…. Since I was a little girl I have had a curious nature particularly in regard to who my family were…I was always asking questions and wanting to know more about where everyone fitted into my extended family… now I have found the answers to many of my questions so have lots of new questions… all to do with family.”

Crissouli curates a number of blogs:

IRISH GRAVES – they who sleep in foreign lands was born back in 2012. Chris writes, “So many left Ireland, never to be heard of again… This is a way to give families some closure and to help genealogists.”

Rather than displaying posts in reverse chronological order, this site offers cemetery information by region, each of which is clearly demarcated in the menu. In addition, there are biographies and other information.

The Back Fence of Genealogy was also started in 2012. This blog tells family and ancestor stories in verse or from a different storytelling angle.

Recent posts include:

In 2017, Chris added Urungamaiden to her blogging resume. This blog shares vignettes and stories of family members and ancestors who have passed.

Recent posts include:

Welcome to the TRIBE, Chris!

Submitted by Laura Hedgecock
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