We’re happy to introduce TOTA.world, a new GeneaBloggers Member Vendor.

TOTA– The Traditions of the Ancestors – is both a library and resource hub for vetted cultural information and a community of individuals and institutions that want to explore the rich diversity of world cultures.

In addition to gaining context of our ancestors’ beliefs, traditions, and cultural environment, family historians can add their own experiences and family stories on TOTA.

Believing that TOTA’s features dovetails with GeneaBloggers goals, Pam Looper, Director of Sales & Marketing at Traditions of the Ancestors, says she hopes that GeneaBloggers will become early adopters of TOTA.

To accomplish that, TOTA is offering Geneabloggers’ Premium members free lifetime access to premium level subscription level features. 

TOTA’s membership gives members “access to a user-friendly, searchable database that features thousands of articles, videos, interactive maps/graphics, and TOTA-certified content[1] generated by [TOTA’s] cultural partners.”

In addition, “Members will be able to establish cultural or family groups, discover their heritage, and connect with people who share goals for cultural learning and engagement.


How TOTA can help GeneaBloggers

As members, GeneaBloggers have access to great resources for cultural history and context. Bloggers can add their own voices as expertise to the platform and generate additional visibility for their blogs.

“Bloggers can showcase their expertise and start discussions by forming groups, which can help amplify their reach,” explains Looper.

Examples of how a group would look and function include Legacy Tree Genealogists’ “Genealogy Research” Group and Treasure Chest of Memories’ “Family Storytelling” Group. You can also name your group after your blog.

We’re happy to have TOTA among our partners!


Ready to Upgrade to Premium Membership?

A volunteer organization still has bills to pay. Membership dues will provide funding for our expenses, maintain hosting and security for our website, and extend the services we offer to GeneaBloggers. In addition, we need to reimburse some of our generous volunteers who have used their own personal funds for items like ribbons, pins, website hosting, and domain management.

Your support helps us help you.  You’ll get higher visibility and access to our partner vendors’ discounts and services.  (Note: We’re in the process of updating our vendor offers, so #watchthisspace for more announcements!

We’ve made it easy for you.  Just click the button below.


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[1] TOTA.world guarantees content accuracy through a leadership circle that includes top-tier academics and experts from the communities themselves. TOTA-certified articles are drawn from a variety of sources, including original content and primary sources from the public domain. This balanced approach provides not only modern perspectives on culture, but also firsthand accounts from the people who lived it.




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