Happy November 2021 Blogiversaries graphic with fog and bare trees

As the calendar winds down towards the end of the year, we celebrate the hearty genealogical content providers that started their sites in November.

Of course, the best way to celebrate is with friends, so we’re hoping you’ll extend a click of camaraderie to these 35 site owners by visiting their site and leaving a supporting comment.

Remember, the tables below can be resorted by name or category.

Contribute a photo from where you live

We’d love to feature a photo of  in some of the far-flung places our members live. It doesn’t have to be incredibly beautiful. We all just want to know what your hometown looks like.  This will give the community a better feel for their fellow bloggers and will give the contributing member a SEO bonus as we credit you. Contact us at to participate.


Don’t See Your Blogiversary?

Members, we don’t have blogiversary dates for everyone on our membership roll.  If you’d like to give us the latest updates about your site, use this form. You can also use the same form to update your categories.

Contributed by Laura Hedgecock and Shannon Thomas.
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