November 2019 Blogiversaries

Having over 100 GeneaBloggers celebrating November blogiversaries is certainly something to celebrate.

Of course, we need everyone’s help.  GeneaBloggers works best as a community, so we ask that you find a few topics of interest to you and visit a few sites. Ideally, we’d all visit all 105 sites. But, if you’d like to pick and choose, we’ve made it easy for you by listing each site’s category tags.

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What about Your Blogiversary?

We are missing start dates for many of our member sites.  If we missed yours, please give us your info using our form.

Likewise, if your tags aren’t very descriptive (i.e. “family”), you can update our info using the same form.

Want an individual spotlight post?

Remember, our Premium Members get spotlight posts on (or near) their anniversary. Blogiversary articles will be published to the GeneaBloggers blog as well as to the GeneaBloggersTRIBE Facebook page during your blogiversary month.

Premium members, you should have heard from us. If not, please reach out to us.

Submitted by Laura Hedgecock  & Shannon Thomas
© 2019 GeneaBloggers

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