Happy May 2022 Blogiversaries

Help us celebrate our May 2022 blogiversaires! We have 108 sites registered as starting in May.

We really hope that each of you will take a few minutes to explore the list and leave a supportive comment for a few of your fellow content providers!

We’re trying something new this month which we hope to continue. (We’re in need of a new blogiversary chair (please let us know if you are able to help a couple of hours a month).

We have added a column to indicate if the blog has posted recently. Those sites are listed as “active.”  But don’t dismiss the “inactive” sites. They may have evergreen content that is just the hint you needed.

As always, you can also sort the list by category, which might help you find a new-to-you blog to follow!

Make sure your Site is on our Monthly Blogiversary Listing

Though the above list seems long, we don’t have blogiversary dates for the majority of our members. Please give us an update via our blog registration form if you haven’t been seeing your site listed in these monthly posts.

May 2022 Blogivesaries


Once again, Happy Blogiversaries to all our celebrating sites.

Help Support the GeneaBloggers Community.

We have an immediate opening for a blogiversary chairperson. The duties involve sorting through our blog roll to compile each month’s list, sending premium members reminders to submit information for their spotlight post, and using the information provided to write spotlight posts. Please let us know if you could help out!  Contact us at hello at geneabloggers.com or sending a message to us via our Facebook group.

Committee chairs are featured on this website, so hopefully, the content provider will see some benefits from support of the community.

Submitted  by Laura Hedgecock
© 2022 GeneaBloggers

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