Happy May 2021 Blogiversaries from Geneaboggers


It’s the third day of June, but it’s not too late to celebrate these wonderful bloggers who started their websites in the month of May. Of course, we need a little hep.  Please stop by a few sites and give some GeneaBloggers support.

Remember, you can resort these lists by blog title or categories


Active GeneaBlogger Sites

We have 49 websites with “active” blogs, vlogs, or podcasts. By active, we mean they’ve added new content to their site during the last year.

Inactive Geneablogger Sites

In addition, we have 56 listings whose owners are taking some sort of a sabbatical.  Though not freshly created, their content may still be quite relevant and may have the posts you’re looking for. We encourage you to peruse these sites as well.

Contributed by Laura Hedgecock
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