Happy March Blogiversaries 2019


Help us celebrate the blogiversaries of the following bloggers who started their websites in the month of March.

We’re doing it a little differently this month, due to some helpful suggestions in past month’s blogiversary posts comments. (See, we do read them!)

The following two lists are sorted by start date, but you can resort them. Please stop by a few sites and give some GeneaBloggers support.


Active GeneaBlogger Sites

We have 72 websites with “active” blogs, vlogs, or podcasts. By active, we mean they’ve added new content to their site during the last year.

NameCategoryDescription (Premium Members)
Cyndi's List Genealogy Resources, Internet Resources
Dutch Genealogy Dutch
Hayes and Greene family history Family, Surnames
Anglo-Celtic Connections Canada, Canadian, Industry, Scotland, Scottish, United Kingdom
Cow Hampshire New England, New Hampshire
Bigger Families; Faces From the Past Photos
Geneaholic (The) Research
Be Not Forgot Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New England, New Hampshire, Texas
Chart Chick (The) Crafts, LDS Church, Photos, Vendors
Find Your Folks African-American, Family
Bits and Pieces Family
Tangled Trees Family
Arlene Eakle's Tennessee Blog Appalachian, Tennessee
Journey to the Past Michigan, Family Surnames, Education
On a flesh and bone foundation': An Irish History Family, Ireland, Irish
Barclays of Pine River (The) Family
Family History Expos Genealogy Blog Conferences, Vendors
Carolyn Schott - Author Family, Travel, Vendor
FrancoAmerican Gravy: Stories from Québec to Cohoes, New York Family, French-Canadian
Jenealogy Jewish, Maine, Indiana, publishing
Maine Gals Family Trees Maine, Massachusetts, Canada, military, baptism, Norway, blogger, marriage, Catholic
AK'S Genealogy Research Family
Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims and Pioneers - Our Predecessors and Me Family
Old Photos Found photographs Researching and returning vintage photographs found in Antique Stores
What's My Lineage? Confessions of a Lineage Group Junkie Lineage Society
D. Taylor's Genealogy Family
Who Knew? Family
4 Get Me Not Ancestry Professional
Dragon Genealogy Australian, Family
Blaney Family (The) - Birmingham to Canada Canada, Canadian, United Kingdom
der Genealoge - Familienforschung für die Ohren German
Tapscott Family History Wabash, Virginia, English
De Bretagne en Saintonge Family, France, French
Heartland Genealogy Crawford, Currey, Briles, Mentzer,
Ancestors and Kin of Blanche Wallace Family
Finding your Past: Genealogical Gleanings in Albany New York,genealogy, Albany, gravestones A blog aimed at discussing aspects of local Albany area history. Areas of focus to include research, documentation, ethnicity, genealogy, cemeteries, cultural events, and historic landmarks.
Barnwood and Tulips family history, memorykeeper, ancestral research
Dana Leeds DNA
Conversations with Grandma Australian, Family
Between the Leaves Family Histories Family history, New England, rescued photos, photo repairs
Springhill History Blog Geographical, United Kingdom
Trek Thru Time Family
My Genealogical Adventures Family
Central New York Genealogical Society Genealogy Society, New York
Mommy Genealogist (The) Genealogy for kids, Quick, Memories
Cousins Wright, Grisso, Tolsdorf,DeHart, Vorhies
Mystery of Richard Sainsbury (The) Wiltshire, genetic genealogy, autosomal
Family Fractals Family, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany
Not just any family Lincolnshire, Penang, Pinchbeck, 52Ancestors
Gadsby Family Ancestors and Cousins (The) Family
Tree Grew In Oakland (A) Oakland,Michigan,Families,
Finding Folk Family
Genealogy Literacy Education, Literacy, Genealogy
Rooted By Blood, DNA and a lot of BS genealogy, DNA,
History Hermann Maryland, history, genealogy, early American
Past Presence Canada, Chinese, Japanese, Evernote, organizing
FamGenealogy Legacy, Software, Czech, German, USA, family, stories
I Seek Dead People Colonial, Virginia, Massachusetts, Migration
Nut Tree - Whysall and Brown family history (The) Whysall, Derbyshire, Kent, Romney Marsh, Brighton
Culbert Family History personal family history
So Many Beginnings pennsylvania, minnesota, research
Renaissance Ann Family stories, case studies, evidence analysis, DNA,
Genealogy a Day at a Time Whalen, Clarke, Maxson, Kay, Garvey
My Path to the Past Website reviews, family history mysteries, family history adventures My blog began as a way of documenting my own family history adventures. I like to share my discoveries of new sources and hints on how to use them. I love solving family mysteries too and have documented some of them here.
Climbing Simon's Tree Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Gilman, Blaisdell, Great Puritan Migration, New England, migration, Simon Gilman
Connected Roots Genealogy genealogy, ancestry
Heenan Footsteps One Name, Wales, Ireland, military, The site supports my one name study on the Heenan surname around the world. I post articles about my research updates and stories of interesting individuals.
Amateur Genealogist (The) Family History, Genealogy
Hunting Down His Story Wales, Military, Michigan, Croll
Heritage Discovered Blog education, family, New Hampshire, Vermont
Chasing Ireland Ireland, Irish, theatre, theater, philadelphia, pennsylvania, massachusetts,
Darroch/Robertson Families Darroch, Robertson, Clachan, Islay

Inactive Geneablogger Sites

In addition, we have 59 listings whose owners are taking some sort of a sabbatical.  Though not freshly created, their content may still be quite relevant and may have the posts you’re looking for.

Contributed by Laura Hedgecock
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