Blogiversary GraphicMichael has been blogging at Family Sleuther since 2013.  Michael celebrated his 5 year blogiversary on June 4th.  He is originally from Colorado, but he now lives in Washington, DC.

Michael started blogging to record the family history he was finding and hoping to connect with distant cousins. He writes, “My blog is a journal that documents whatever I’m researching at the time, so it can be quite eclectic. Writing my genealogy helps me make sense of my research findings. I’m often able to identify gaps or inconsistencies, surface patterns, and determine new avenues of research.”

Some surnames of interest to Michael include Bair, Benedick, Dornon, Herriman, Kirk, Lamb, La Rocca, Lumpkins, Quirk, Ruoti, Stevens, Upton, Wagnon, Weeks, and Winkler.

Some recent posts include

Happy Blogiversary Michael!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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