Happy BlogiversaryKari Lynne Roueche has been blogging at Archiventures since 2012.  She is from California but currently resides in East Tennessee, where she’s a member of Society of Tennessee Archivists and Mormon History Association.  She started blogging to document an out-of-state archive’s practicum for her master’s degree and then continued to blog at the encouragement of her colleagues.

Kari writes, “My blog raises awareness of the benefits of primary research by giving a behind-the-scenes look into the workings of an archive, by taking the reader on virtual field trips to historic sites, and by documenting the processes of my own genealogical research.”

Some surnames of interest to Kari are Gillis, McLellan, MacFarlane, Carrier, Poisson, Baril, Girouard, Armstrong, Amos, Blanton, Stevens, Dyson, Southworth, Long, and Mason.

Recent blog posts include

Kari shares, “My first two genealogy mentors were distant cousin penpals. They have both passed on but I owe them so much. My blog and genealogy Pinterest boards have brought me two new cousin penpals. The journey of discovering our ancestors is so much more rewarding when we have people to share it with.”

Happy Blogiversary Kari!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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