Happy July 2021 Blogiversaries illustrated with Southern California Scene

We continue to celebrate the global diversity of GeneaBloggers’ content providers, highlighting  the places our members live in our monthly blogiversary headline graphic. This month’s photo comes from Diane Gould Hall, who blogs at Michigan Family Trails. This a view looking east from her barn in San Diego County, California, USA.

Speaking of places around the world, you’ll find quite a lot of diversity in our content providers celebrating July blogiversaries. Each one of them would love for you to drop in and explore their site. Even better, drop them a positive note in their comment section.

Remember, the tables below can be resorted by name or category.

Active GeneaBlogger Sites

We have 71 websites with “active” blogs, vlogs, or podcasts. By active, we mean they’ve added new content to their site during the last year.

Currently Inactive Geneablogger Sites

In addition, we have 69 listings whose owners are taking some sort of a sabbatical.  Though not freshly created, their content may still be quite relevant and may have the posts you’re looking for.

Contribute a photo from where you live

We’d love to feature a photo of September (or other months) in some of the far-flung places our members live. It doesn’t have to be incrediby beautiful. We all just want to know what your hometown looks like.  This will give the community a better feel for their fellow bloggers and will give the contributing member a SEO bonus as we credit you. Contact us at to participate.

Don’t See Your Blogiversary?

We don’t have blogiversary dates for everyone on our membership roll.  If you’d like to give us the latest updates about your site, use this form.

Contributed by Laura Hedgecock
© Geneabloggers.com 2021

Photo credit:  © Diane Gould Hall, used with permission.

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