Happy Blogiversary graphic with red moonAmberly Beck has been blogging at The Genealogy Girl since 2013.  She grew up in Washington and currently lives in Utah County. Amberly began blogging to help friends and family members who wanted to begin their genealogy journeys but needed some tips. As cousins found her and shared information, photos, and treasures, her focus now is on sharing and leaving lots of cousin bait with the occasional “how-to” post.

This year was filled with DNA discoveries and learning.  Amberly wrote a series of blog posts about finding a previously unknown first cousin which begins here.

Additional blog posts include:

Surnames of interest include Costello, Jerrain, Maffit/Moffit, Gardey, Boles, Vickers, McLaren, Skeen, Hotchkies, Brouillette.

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Happy Blogiversary Amberly!

Submitted by Carol Kostakos Petranek
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