Blogiversary GraphicKTC has been blogging at Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims & Pioneers: Our Predecessors & Me since 2011. KTC says,  “Johnny Cash must have been talking about me when he sang, “I’ve been everywhere, man…”  You can read more about why KTC started blogging in It’s All About the Dash.  KTC writes,

Growing up, I had two very different experiences when it came to family history. Thankfully, I was privileged to have a few members on both sides of my family who reveled in remembering loved ones and special times.However, also prevalent were those family members who stayed silent on kin long gone and days gone by. Entire lines of my ancestry were erased, it seemed. These missing branches left huge gaps in our family tree.As I got older, the voices of these unknown ancestors seem to whisper in my subconscious, begging me to discover who they were and remember their accomplishments and aspirations. By finding them, I found myself.

Some surnames that KTC is interested in include: Ardinger, Bush, Caimi, Cole, Culatina, Harwick, Kenney, Marriner, Noel, Spangler, Stark, Stott, Taylor, Thomas, Watts, and Williams.

Recent posts include:

Visit KTC’s Profile to find out more about where and who they are researching.

Happy Blogiversary KTC!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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