Happy Blogiversary graphic with 3 cupcakesNancy Messier has been blogging at My Ancestors and Me since 2009.  She was born in Ohio and has spent most of her life there.  Nancy said she started blogging because after her aunt died she received a box of photos of cousins.  She decided the easiest way to let all the cousins see and claim them was to post them on a blog and send the cousins an email.  In the end no cousins claimed any of the photographs.

Nancy also wanted to share information about her ancestors and her research. She posts research challenges and results, stories about ancestors and she learns about them, and occasional posts about other family history items of interest.

Surnames of interest to Nancy include: Armitage, Bartley, Beall/Bell, Bickerstaff, Doyle, Fithen, Froman, Gerner, Hartley, Holmes, Laws, Meinzen, Nelson, Reay, Richardson, Saylor, Smith, Stahl, and Thompson.

Some blog posts include:

Nancy can also be found on Facebook.

Happy Blogiversary Nancy!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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