hAPPY bLOGIVERSARYLinda Huesca Tully has been blogging at Many Branches, One Tree since June 2006.  She is a native midwesterner and a long time California girl. Linda says she started blogging to “keep our family stories alive for my children and future generations.”

She writes, “Many Branches, One Tree is about telling the stories of the people on our family tree with a view toward understanding their lives and their passions, gaining insight into our own lives, and celebrating our connections of heart, history, and heritage.”

Some surnames of interest to Linda include: Baron, Celaya, Fay, Gaffney, (O’)Grady, Hoppin, Huesca, Kangas, McGinnis, Makepeace, Perrotin, Riney, Sannella, Schiavon(e), and Tully

Some recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary Linda!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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