Happy Blogiversary

Justin Cascio has been blogging at Mafia Genealogy since 2016.  Justin writes,”I was born in New York, where my family has deep roots, and have spent many years in Florida. I’ve lived in western Massachusetts for about fourteen years.”

Justin says he started blogging because “My interest in the family trees of mafiosi began as a personal genealogy project, exploring my paternal grandfather’s roots in Corleone, Sicily.”  He writes, “Mafia Genealogy explores the kinship ties among members and associates of the Sicilian Mafia, with a focus on families from Corleone. The story has taken me to big American cities like New York and Los Angeles, and to small places like White Castle, Louisiana, and Bryan, Texas.”

Surnames of interest include Cascio, Morello, Grizzaffi, Trumbatore, and Calamia.

Some blog posts include:

You can find Justin on Twitter.

Happy Blogiversary Justin!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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