Happy Blogiversary GraphicChris, aka The Ailurophile, has been blogging at leaftwigandstem.blogspot.com since 2013. Chis is originally from New England and now lives in Texas.  Chris writes, “Lisa Louise Cooke referred to genealogy blogs as “cousin bait” and I thought I might fill in some missing parts of the tree and meet new cousins by blogging. It worked!”

Leaf, Twig and Stem is about storytelling. Chris says “I have discovered that storytelling is what I enjoy most. When I can tease out a story from the facts I find, it makes me happy.”

Some surnames of interest to Chris include Fitzgerald, Cooke, Rogers, Tapply, Smith (Litchfield, Maine), Archer, Johnson (Spencer, Indiana)Feely, Freed or Frid, and Benn.

Some recent posts include

Happy Blogiversary Chris!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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