Graphic for a BlogiversaryCari A. Taplin, CG has been blogging at Genealogy Pants Blog – Pants Pockets since 2012.  Cari is an Ohio native, who lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years, and now lives near Austin, Texas.  She is a member of Association of Professional Genealogists, Genealogical Speakers Guild, National Genealogical Society, and Williamson County (Texas) Genealogical Society.

Cari started blogging because she  wanted to share tips, websites, and interesting things she has found on her genealogical journey.  She says her blog is a mix of genealogical news, tips, and helpful information on events happening in the field, as well as a collection of methods, systems, and problem-solving ideas that she has learned and wanted to share. Cari also shares exciting research finds, her yearly goals, and her genealogical travel plans.

Some surnames of interest to Cari include: Mitchell, Higdon, Businger, Sly, Miller, Limmer, Kindervater, Miley, Brand, Holzhauer, Urban, Dimick, Artz, Meeker, Avery, Harrison, and Long.

Recent blog posts include:

Happy Blogiversary Cari!

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