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Debbie Reed Hutchison has been blogging at AncesTrees since 2013. She is from Dallas, Texas; she loves to travel but also loves to return home.  She is a member of GenFriends of Plano Libraries. Debbie started blogging because she wanted to hone her writing skills but she has found that she enjoys researching and telling the stories just as much, if not more.  She says she tries to keep the focus of her blog on genealogy and family history. Debbie writes, “There is so much about our amazing ancestors that I want to pass down to future generations.”

Surnames of interest include: Reed, Gotto, Beauchamp, Puckett, Bunton, Taylor, Mullett, Fromm, Brownlee, Hamilton, Trostle, Thein, Stitz, Pollard, Ewing, Finney, Adair, Montgomery, Rankin, Hamilton, Hallett, Massong, Dostert, Junemann, Stitz, Kruse, Thompson, Dodds, Gray, Cunningham, Shields, Stonem Hutchison, McGill, Munson, Dahms, Lewis, Isenhour, Lierman, Magnes, Mulhall, Hendricks (Hendrix), Gunning, Bailey, and Grizzle.

Some blog posts include:

Debbie said, “Being newly retired, I’m excited about having more time to devote to pruning, enriching and growing our family tree. My resolution is to devote time daily to this important part of my life. I welcome collaborating with and learning from other bloggers. Please share feedback on any and all of my posts.”

Happy Blogiversary Debbie!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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