Happy Blogiversary graphic with 3 cupcakesJacqi Stevens has been blogging at A Family Tapestry since 2011.  She is a New Yorker by birth but a Californian by choice and now lives in Stockton, California.  Jacqi is President of San Joaquin Genealogical Society (California), member of California Genealogical Society, and Southern California Genealogical Society.

Jacqi writes that she started blogging because “As a “biographer of insignificant lives, I seek to share the micro-histories of my ancestors, as well as to give back to the genealogical community through projects that share information and resources. And, of course, there’s always the hope this will become cousin bait.”  The purpose of her blog is to share what she has learned about her family lines through decades of research. She also hopes to inspire others to see the values in their own family stories.She hopes she can encourage other researchers to connect with each other and to share their stories through local societies as well as blogging.

Some surnames of interest include: Boothe, Broyles, Davis, Falvey, Flanagan, Flannery, Flowers, Gordon, Gramlewicz, Kelly, Laskowski, McClellan, Metzger, Puchalski, Snider, Stevens, Taliaferro, and Tully.

Some recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary Jacqi!

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