Happy Blogiversary to these three Blogs

Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary to Organize your Family History!

Janine Adams is a professional organizer and genealogy enthusiast who also runs  Peace of Mind Organizing® LLC. She enjoys helping others organize their research, which is surely something we all can appreciate.

She has been blogging at Organize your Family History since 2012. Recent posts include:

Thanks so much Janine! We can all learn something from you.


Happy Blogiversary to MYOG – Mine, Yours’, and the Other Guy’s Genealogy!

This blogger has been going strong since 2010! This blog is a diary of her personal research. She also blogs at Irish Genealogy. Recent posts include

Way to go! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blogiversary to Genbecle!

Clément Bècle is a French blogger who has been writing Genbecle since 2010. He blogs in French about technology, stories, thoughts, and World War I (aka the Great War, or La Grande Guerre).  Recent posts include:

Merci beaucoup pour vos contributions au blogosphère et joyeux blogiversaire! (Thank you for your contributions to the blogosphere and happy blogiversary.)

Contributed by Kate Vasicek Challis
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