Happy Blogiversary to Rants of a Geneaholic!

Happy Blogiversary

Cassandra has a degree in history and has kept the light-hearted blog Rants of a Geneaholic since 2014. On this blog you can find research techniques, her own ancestral discoveries, as well as find some funny posts which will be sure to make you laugh, including an epic blog header.

Recent posts include

Thanks so much for adding this to the community, Cassandra! Keep it up!

Happy Blogiversary to Between the Dashes!

This blogger has been blogging at Between the Dashes since 2015. She worked 31 years with the U.S. Department of Defense, and now is retired and does what she loves most: genealogy, traveling, writing, photography, and enjoying life. Her blog  focuses on her own family history research, and hopes to inspire others to start and continue your journey.

Recent posts include:

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

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