Happy Blogiversary FireworksHappy Blogiversary to a3 Genealogy!

Kathleen Brandt is an international genealogy consultant, speaker and writer who has been blogging at a3 Genealogy
since 2008. A3 stands for “Accurate, Accessible Answers.” This is a professional blog that specializes in military, naturalization records, Native American, and African American research.  Recent posts include:

Thanks, Kathleen! Good work!

Happy Blogiversary to Janet the researcher!

Janet Iles is a retired library technician who has been blogging at Janet the researcher since 2007. She blogs about her personal genealogical research in Grey County, Ontario and other parts of Canada. Recent posts include:

Great job, Janet! Keep up the good work!

Happy Blogiversary to Talking Box Genealogy!

Danni has been blogging at Talking Box Genealogy since 2013. This blog is mostly a place where she documents her genealogical journey, but she also occasionally provides bits of interesting history and useful genealogical information.

Recent posts include:

Wonderful work, Danni! Thank you for sharing!

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