Happy Blogiversary GraphicMelody Lassalle has been blogging at Genealogy Research Journal since 2006.  Melody is from California (one of those wacky people from the San Francisco Bay Area).  She has been involved in the online genealogy community since 1997 when she began volunteering for AOL’s Golden Gates Genealogy Forum.  Her work with Portugueses SIG, chats, and forum blossomed into her website and blog.

Melody writes that she started blogging to “expand on what I was sharing through my Portuguese Hawaiian website. The website covers that specific topic, but my blog covers all aspects of my research. I hope by sharing what I’ve learned, I can encourage others to research their family tree even when that tree is full of immigrant ancestors.”  The purpose of Genealogy Research Journal is to show how Melody uses different research methods to solve her genealogy mysteries.  Melody says “it is a clever disguise for cousin bait.”

Some of the surnames that Melody is researching are: Pacheco, Pacheco Grande, Ferreira Grota, Mello, Mello Castanho, de Braga, Botelho Rocha, Jones, Jackson, Kelly, Dolan, Hayward, Lassalle, Mazeres, Breilh, and Segalas.

Recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary Melody!

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