GeneaBloggersTRIBE BlogiversaryConi Dubois – Leading Northeastern Native American Researcher/Genealogist has been blogging at “Ever Widening Circle” – Quest for my Native American Roots since 2008.  The purpose of her blog is finding and connecting family and to prove all we can before it is all lost. Coni was born and raised in Plymouth Indiana and for the past 30 years she has lived in Houma, Louisiana.  Coni explains that all of her research can be found on her blog which includes all of her research books (tab at top – are all free to read/view).

When asked why she started blogging Coni wrote “Almost 30 yrs ago… I had a request from my Father who wanted me to find our Native American Roots… this quest started me on a wonderful journey and a deep love for genealogy & history.  I now have 56, 314 people in my research with thousands of documents & records to back up my research. I started blogging when blogging was created, it was a way to share all my work and get it out there…. but MAINLY it was to find other family – to connect us all. Which in my theory: we are all related, we are all connected… An “Ever Widening Circle”.

Some of the main surnames that Coni is researching are Chagum, Shawgum, Allen, Barber, Gilbert, and Kaufman.

Recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary Coni!

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