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Ann Raymont has been blogging at DNAsleuth since December of 2011.  Ann is from western New York originally but she now lives in central Indiana.  Ann is a member of ISOGG, APG, NGS, and local/regional genealogy and historical societies.

She started blogging because she was forming a DNA Special Interest Group in central Indiana.  The more she utilized WordPress for her DNA Special Interest Group she found that she could include a blog as well.

When asked what the purpose of her blog is Ann wrote “I learn new things about using DNA (especially  in conjunction with genealogy) all the time. My intent is to share some of my discoveries or processes with others exploring DNA, to help them grow too. A secondary (more personal) goal comes into play if I want to convince someone who doesn’t know me to take a DNA test or share their DNA results on another platform. My blog reassures them that I’m credible.”

Recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary Ann!

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