Happy BlogiversaryHappy Blogiversary to Black Raven Genealogy!

Dara started Black Raven Genealogy in 2013 to share her Irish ancestor’s stories. She’s from County Dublin, currently living in County Kildare. She also blogs about some of her methodologies in unearthing the stories in her family tree.

Happy Blogiversary to Genealogy & History News!

Started in 2009, this blog features “genealogy and history news and product announcements for Australians.”

Recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary to Growing up in Willow Creek!

Mary Nunn Maki of Newtown, Connecticut started Growing up in Willow Creek back in 2010. Her membership in various genealogical societies as well as Sisters in Crime reflect her two loves of family history and mystery writing. You get a taste of both in her blog; recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary to The Keeper of Stories!

The Keeper of Stories began in 2013, so Julie, an Australian blogger, can introduce “other family members, no matter how close or how distant,” to her Preston and DiSalvia family trees. She writes about person stories and reflections, ancestor stories, interviews, and even recipes. Recent posts include

Happy Blogiversary to You Don’t Choose Your Family!

Mike Dawson, a retired Yorkshireman living in Leeds, England, began You Don’t Choose Your Family in 2010. He writes, “I decided to write a blog to record details of my family history and my efforts to trace my ancestors… for me knowing how I got here and what came before is fascinating.” He also enjoys using daily genealogy prompts.

His recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary to all of you! Such wonderful, diverse content!

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