Graphic for a BlogiversaryHappy Blogiversary to SHHE Genie Rambles!

Shauna Hicks started SHHE Genie Rambles back in 2009. Her blog title is a bit modest. With multiple degrees in history and Australian history along with professional archival and genealogical qualifications, she doesn’t ramble. In addition to her own research journey, she posts helpful insight into archives and conferences and shares research tips. Recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary to The Photo Detective!

Maureen Taylor, aka The Photo Detective, started her Photo Detective blog in 2005 to share her expertise about photo archival and identification. She shares tips for preserving and protecting photographic media and with Sherlock Holmes-esque detective (and genealogy) skills, teases apart the context in photos to reveal the identity of those pictured. Her recent posts include:

Shauna and Maureen, best wishes to both of you on your blogiversary and thank you for your continued contributions to the community.

Contributed by Laura Hedgecock
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