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Happy Blogiversary to ThoughtCo. Genealogy!

If you have used the internet in the past 20 years, you have probably visited a website called About.com. This was a site where experts in niche areas could write about their area of expertise and share their knowledge with the world. The internet has grown and evolved a lot in the past two decades, and About.com rode the roller coaster of change until just two months ago, when on 2 May 2017 it was completely shut down for good. You can read about the history of it here.

Although some of the content has been rebranded under the entity Dotdash, the genealogy page (and other content) has been rebranded under the entity ThoughtCo. Many bloggers have contributed to the content of this site since 2003, and it seems they will continue to do so even after the massive changes.

Recent posts include:

Happy Blogiversary, ThoughtCo. Genealogy and all the family historians that have contributed content to the site over the years! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Happy Blogiversary to the Accidental Genealogist!

Lisa Alzo is an author and genealogist. She has been blogging at the Accidental Genealogist since 2006. This blog’s goals are to help genealogists stay updated on news and resources, learn how to be better genealogists, and stay informed about Lisa’s own publications.

Thank you for your contributions, Lisa!

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