No, our calendar isn’t wrong, we’re still catching up on some belated Blogiversary wishes. The TRIBE leadership team, despite all appearances to the contrary , are mere humans.  (Please, no derisive snorts!) Life—vacations and illnesses—sometimes interferes with our best intentions.

GeneaBloggersTRIBE BlogiversaryHappy Blogiversary to The Keough Corner!

Tessa Keough has been blogging at The Keough Corner since 2010.  A lover of mysteries, puzzles, and travel, of course family history is right up her alley! Not to mention that she loves “making lists and checking them twice.” She’s researching and blogging about families that left the Irish Counties of Carlow, Cork and Kerry scattered to Vermont, New York, Missouri, Nebraska, Washington & Oregon. Recent posts include:

Keep up the great work Tessa!

Happy Blogiversary to J. Wendell Genealogical Research Co. !

Erika and Karen Grizzard have blogged at  J. Wendell Genealogical Research Co. since 2015. They offer professional genealogical services, and their blog offers research tips as well as some of the recent cases they’ve handled.

Thanks for sharing your work Grizzard family!


Happy Blogiversary to Personal Past Meditations- a Genealogical Blog!

Dr. Daniel Hubbard started Personal Past Meditations in 2009. A professional genealogist, Daniel writes about resources, case studies, as well as unusual situations he’s encountered as he’s searched for client’s ancestors. Often, his posts take a philosophical tone.

Recent posts include:

Thanks Dr. Hubbard, for your personal and introspective view of professional research.

Contributed by Laura Hedgecock
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