The following blogs had Blogiversaries during the first week of August:  Past & Present, Whispers From The Past, Trace Your Dutch Roots, Boulder Pioneers Project, Roots, Branches, and a Few Nuts, and Flitney Family Blog!GeneaBloggersTRIBE Blogiversary

Happy Blogiversary to Past & Present!

Shari Edwards has been blogging at Past & Present since 2009. She writes a lot about her own family history research, which involves both Swedish and Kansas research. Recent posts include:

Thanks for all you do, Shari!

Happy Blogiversary to Whispers From The Past!

Renée Tomlinson Petersen has been blogging at Whispers From The Past since 2010. She writes about her Mormon Pioneer Ancestors. Her goal is to keep the living informed about the dead and to honor her ancestors through preserving their stories on her blog. Recent posts include:

Great job, Renée!

Happy Blogiversary to Trace Your Dutch Roots!

Henk van Kampen has been blogging at Trace Your Dutch Roots since 2006. And as you have probably guessed, this blog is all about Dutch genealogy research and Dutch heritage. Bekijken!  Recent posts include:

Thanks Henk!

Happy 5th Blogiversary to Boulder Pioneers Project!

The purpose of this blog is to look at as many original source records as possible for Boulder County, CO in the territorial period (pre-statehood in 1876). Recent posts include:

What a valuable contribution to Colorado history! Thank you!

Happy Blogiversary to Roots, Branches, and a Few Nuts!

Beverly McGowan Norman has been blogging about her family since 2011. Her roots are from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Ireland and Italy. She blogs about genealogy education as well as her own research journey. Her recent posts include:

Thanks Beverly! Keep it up!

Happy Blogiversary to Flitney Family Blog!

Barbara Fisher is a blogger from the UK who has been writing about her family since 2014. It is not a serious search for long lost relatives, but rather a meander through the life and times of her mum, dad, grandparents, and other family members. Recent posts include:

Thanks Barbara! You have done a great job

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