Happy BlogiversaryHappy Blogiversary to Erica’s Adventures in Genealogy!

Erica has been blogging about her family history since 2011, with a special focus on the female ancestors of the past who weren’t well documented. It can be a real challenge to do that!

Recent posts include:

Thanks, Erica!

Happy Blogiversary to My Ancestors Along the Ohio!

Stan Mitchell is a blogger from Ohio who has been writing since 2012. He likes to use the blog prompts from GeneaBloggers, which is great! He is currently concentrating on the history of his great grandparents who lived most of their lives along the Ohio River.

Recent posts include:

Great job, Stan!

Happy Blogiversary to Ian Hadden’s Family History!

Ian Hadden is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently lives in Pickering, which is just east of Toronto. He is very interested in his Scottish ancestors, and has been blogging about them since 2009. A former member of APGEN, he is also a member of The Ontario Genealogical Society.

Recent posts include:

Thanks Ian! Keep up the great work!

Happy Blogiversary to Terwilliger Souvenir Album!

Celia Lewis, a romance author from Vancouver, Canada has also blogged since 2012. Now that she is retired, she explores her passions of genealogy, writing, geology, marine biology, photography, gardening, and family. Her blog is about the 1800’s souvenir album of her ancestor James Grover “Grove” Terwilliger.

Recent posts include:

Great job! What a neat find!

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