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With apologies for lateness, we proudly present to you the sites started by hardy souls that started their blogs in the midst of the busyness of December.  (One of the New Year Resolutions of our small volunteer team is to not all get sick and injured at the same time!)

We hope you’ll all help us to make up for the delay by visiting the sites below and dropping them a supportive comment on one of their posts. All you have to do is copy and paste the URLs in your favorite browser.

The table below is sortable by name, URL, or tags.  The default is oldest to newest–starting off with Dear Mrytle’s blog which is registered with a 12/3/2002 start date.  Yes, 2002!

Note:  Remember, you can update your tags by using our form at https://geneabloggers.com/join/.

Submitted by Laura Hedgecock
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