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Amy Archibald has been blogging at Revealing Roots and Branches since 2015.  Amy is from Utah. She started blogging because she wanted to share the things she was learning and what she had learned in the past with others.

Amy writes that her blog is about “How to do stories of interest, quotes that inspire, information about things that are interesting to me in relation to family history.  I’ve struggled in the past year to write. I realized I lost my focus. I was trying to craft posts to be for an audience other than myself. Now that I’m refocusing, I hope to increase my writing this year. If others want to read my thoughts, that is great, but my writing is going to be mostly for myself.”

Surnames of interest include Ohms, Schoel, Boldt, Gerdau, Barr, Prather, Huett, Halferty, Peterson, Christensen, Finch, Davis, Pierce, Jakeman, Alvey, Harris, Groves, and Godderidge.

Some blog posts include:

You can find Amy at: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Happy Blogiversary Amy!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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