Sharn White BHist DipFH has been blogging at FamilyHistory4u since 2009.  Sharn is originally from Brisband in Queensland, Australia but she now lives between Sydney, NSW and Bowral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.  She is a member of SAG (Society of Australian Genealogists), Hornsby and District Family History Society, SOG (UK), and Hampshire Family History Society.

Sharn writes, “I saw the movie, Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep and I decided that night to start blogging. I had many ideas about what I would blog about but I chose to make my (now five) blogs about genealogy so that I would leave my research for my family and others read.” Her five blogs are about Family History (ancestor stories), How I Research Family History, Convict History and  House Histories.

Surnames of interest are: McDade, Gibson, Bonnar, Farrens (Scotland), White, Thompson, Clarke, Orr (Northern Ireland), Frayne, Phoenix, (Dublin, Ireland), Hoyes (Nottinghamshire)), Morley ( Lincolnshire), Turner, Stowe (Suffolk), Osborne (Essex), Gair (Northumberland, Haberling, Ryser (Switzerland, Siegler, Seidler (Germany, Weston, and Manton (Middlsex, London).

Some blog posts include:

Sharn can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Blogiversary Sharn!

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