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Ed Williams has been blogging at Counting Chromosomes since 2018.  Ed is from Texas where he’s a member of International Society of Genetic Genealogy, Guild of One-Name Studies, National Genealogical Society, and Texas State Genealogical Society.  Ed says he started blogging because, ”I am a notorious (infamous?) word-count contributor to certain genealogy forums and mailing lists so, in conjunction with the launch of a Guild-registered one-name study, it seemed only logical to include a blog as part of the activity.”

Ed writes, “Part of my background is in biochemistry, and I consider DNA testing to be possibly the greatest tool for genealogy since the microfilm reader. We’ll get a better feel for the numbers soon, but we almost certainly closed 2018 with over 25 million people tested through the various direct-to-consumer options. The testing companies try to make it as easy and simple on us as possible, but in truth translating complex biological science into accurate genealogy is not particularly easy…at least the “accurate” part. The more voices we have that can assist those millions of new test-takers with a bit of self-education, the better.”

Surnames of interest include Threlkeld, Williams, Horton, Laws, Pollard, Armstrong, Price, and Gilbert

Some blog posts include:

Ed writes, “This spring, look for the blog to hybridize into a podcast…a blogcast? The written blog will continue, but certain editions–as well as interviews with selected guests–will be presented both in audio and transcribed into text.”

You can find Ed on Twitter.

Happy Blogiversary Ed!

Submitted by Shannon Thomas
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