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Protect yourself from writer’s block with our genealogy prompts.

genealogy prompts give content sparks

Have you looked at your blank screen and wondered “What in the world will I write/podcast/vlog about today?”

We thought so. We do it too. We all need a content spark now and then. That’s why our genealogy prompts are such an important part of GeneaBloggersTRIBE.

We’re helping each other along this road of genealogical and technological discoveries. Supporting. Giving advice. Bouncing ideas around. Sparking creative ideas is part of that equation. In addition of blog posts meant to help you develop and curate content your audience will enjoy, now extends our genealogy prompts to include the following:

Daily Prompts content sparks

Daily Prompts, previously known as “Daily Blogging Prompts,” are a great way to beat writer’s block and enjoy a sense of community while spotlighting census records on Sundays, getting mappy on Mondays, traveling on Tuesdays,… Well, you get our drift. These 40+ prompts are great for social media, too.



GeneaPress posts

GeneaPress offers content sparks in the form of the latest industry news. Here you’ll find information based on press releases issued by genealogy vendors, societies, educators and other service providers. If part of you site’s mission is to keep your readers informed of what’s what and who’s who in the family history sector, you’ll want to check in often.



Calendar of Ideas Graphic

Our Calendar of Ideas offers another type of genea-inspiration. You’ll find current events, birthdays, and anniversaries to help you publish creative content. Whether it’s National Doughnut day, the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation going into effect, or the start of WWI, chances are you’ll find something that’s a fit for your site.

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