February 6, 2018 all-day

Queen Anne Feb 6 – Anniversary of the birthday of Queen Anne:  Queen Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs. She was not regarded as a strong leader although she tried to be, relying on the advice of too many ministers, according to historians. She suffered from poor eyesight and poor health as well as a poor education, especially in military affairs. Despite 18 pregnancies, Queen Anne had no heirs; only one child survived past infancy. She managed to assure that Catholics would be excluded from the throne paving the way for the House of Hanover to succeed her. During Anne’s reign, two of her realms, England and Scotland, united to form Great Britain.

More information is available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne,_Queen_of_Great_Britain and http://departments.kings.edu/womens_history/anne.html.  

Image: Painting by Michael Dahl, 1705

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