December 12, 2022 all-day

Dec 12. The legend of Guadalupe tells how in December 1531, anIndian, Juan Diego, saw the Virgin Mother on a hill near Mexico City. She instructed him to go to the bishop and have him build a shrine to her on the site of the vision. After his request was initially rebuffed, the Virgin Mother appeared to Juan Diego three days later. She instructed him to pick roses growing on a stony and barren hillside nearby and take them to thebishop as proof. Although flowers do not normally bloom in December, JuanDiego found the roses and took them to the bishop. As he opened his mantleto drop the roses on the floor, an image of the Virgin Mary appeared among them. The bishop built the sanctuary as instructed. Our Lady of Guadalupebecame the patroness of Mexico City and by 1746 was the patron saint of all New Spain and by 1910 of all Latin America.

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