New Year's Resolutions and Blogiversaries

My kids assure me that I can’t “give” them new year’s resolutions.  They claim resolutions only count when a person decides their for themselves.

I’m hoping you’re different, but not because I want you to keep your room clean. We here at GeneaBloggersTRIBE would like to see all our members read each other’s blogs a little more.  To help you do just that, we’re changing up the way we handle blogiversaries.

Blogiversaries:  More about you; less about us

Of our over 3200 members, we only know the start dates of a small minority of our content providers’ sites. We’d like to know when more of you celebrate your blogiversaries and we’d like you to give us the information you’d like to present to readers and fellow GeneaBloggers.

Rather than have our team members review your site and decide what to present to readers, we’ll spotlight the information you submit. To that end, Kate Challis and Shannon Thomas have developed a blogiversary form for you to give us input.

As of 2018, at the beginning of each month, we’ll publish a list of sites celebrating blogiversaries that month. In addition, we’ll spotlight individual sites with the information TRIBE members have submitted via our form.

Kudos and Thank yous

Team members Kate Challis, Laura Hedgecock, Pat Richley-Erikson, and Shannon Thomas have worked hard during 2017  on our blogiversary spotlights.  We’d like to give them a virtual round of applause. As Kate points out, the best part of working with GeneaBloggersTRIBE is getting to know other content providers.

And, before you click away to read some great blog posts, we wish you each a great start into 2018

Get Ready, Start Reading

We have 80+ sites which list January as the start date for their sites. Whether it’s because you like our new year resolution or because you’re curious, we encourage you to visit some of these links and see  what your fellow content providers are up to.

Suggested Anti-procastination Resolution

Before you forget, take a couple of minutes and fill our blogiversary form.

Happy reading and posting in 2018!

Happy 2018 from GeneaBloggersTRIBE

Contributed by Laura Hedgecock
© 2017 GeneabloggersTRIBE

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