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This news arrived 22 June 2017 from the Association of Professional Genealogists

On Monday we issued a warning about someone impersonating Amy Arner, our secretary, offering to pay APG members an hourly fee to lobby the Texas State Legislature regarding forensic genealogy after first paying a large sum of money. Later in the day, the scam moved to Ohio and other states.

Today we learned that emails are being sent to APG members with subject line of “Support Diane’s Brain Cancer Battle.” They used a chapter logo and a link to donate funds. Be aware that our national logo and those of our chapters may not be used for fund raising efforts for individuals or relief efforts. We do not have seemingly official apgen.org email accounts for ‘donations’ or other questionable addresses. Please do not send money anywhere without checking it out and asking questions.

If you are targeted to send money for some person or cause, please notify and also report it to the authorities. We have reported these scams to both the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI. This website lists fraud types with links: https://www.usa.gov/stop-scams-frauds#item-35157.

Kathleen W. Hinckley, CG
Executive Director

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