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GeneaBloggers is a volunteer organization, granted nonprofit status in July 2021. 

The expressed purpose of GeneaBloggers is to:

  • To promote an awareness of, and interest in, sharing genealogical content online through blogging, vlogging, and other formats.
  • To provide support and educational opportunities for online genealogy content providers.
  • To recognize the achievements and milestones of genealogy content providers.
  • To promote fellowship and cooperation among our members.

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Meet the GeneaBloggers Board

Doris Kenney


A self proclaimed genealogy addict, I began researching in 2013. As an amateur genealogist, I continually hone my skills through daily research and online learning. I’ve always had a passion for writing. In 2023, inspired by many talented GeneaBloggers, I decided to start writing about my own genealogy journey and A Tree With No Name was born! I typically post three times a week, and actively promote my blog and interact with readers on several social media sites. I’m currently exploring the uses of AI for genealogy.

I have an AA degree in General Business and have been at my “day job” for 35+ years, currently as Director of Customer Experience and Process Management, as well as being an executive assistant. I’m proficient with computers and also trained in malware removal. My other hobbies include knitting, watching tv and reading.

You can read more about Doris at her blog, A Tree with No Name .

Carolyn Thompson


Carolyn A. Thompson is a dedicated genealogy researcher with a background in civil engineering and business. After over twenty years in various industries, Carolyn shifted her focus to genealogy, driven by a desire to explore and preserve family histories.

She holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Wayne State University and a MBA from the University of Phoenix, equipping her with the skills for detailed research and effective storytelling.

You can read more about Carolyn and her research at getting2the roots.com.

Janice Sellers


Janice M. Sellers is a professional genealogist specializing in Jewish, Black, dual citizenship, forensic, and newspaper research. She is the president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon. She is the publicity director, programming director, and a board member of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy, Genealogical Speakers Guild, and Genealogical Forum of Oregon (GFO). At GFO she is the coordinator of the African American Special Interest Group.

She has volunteered at LDS FamilySearch Centers since 2000 and gives presentations on many genealogical topics at local, regional, state, and national/international levels. She has researched her own family history for almost 50 years. Before becoming a professional genealogist, she worked in publishing for many years as an editor, indexer, translator, and compositor. She has previously edited five genealogy journals.

Linda Stufflebean

Secretary & Premium Membership Chair

Linda Stufflebean has been researching her family history since 1979. Originally from Passaic, New Jersey, she moved westward to California in 1978. She became interested in her roots as a young adult, leading to many questions about her Rusyn paternal branch of the family tree as well as her maternal family representing colonial New England, Denmark and Sweden with a touch of Dutch in the mix, too. She has done professional genealogy work through the years, but prefers to volunteer her time helping others. After retiring from a long career in Special Education, Linda found she had lots of time to pursue her genealogy hobby and has taught her local in-person class, Anquestors, since 2010, in addition to being a member of multiple genealogical societies. She is the author of Empty Branches on the Family Tree and celebrated her 10th blogiversary in January.

You can read more about Linda at Empty Branches on the Family Tree.

Jenny Hawran

Social Media Chair

Jenny Hawran is a professional genealogical researcher and educator who specializes in Connecticut research and social media genealogy. She holds a B.S. in Journalism and is certified in webpage development.

Jenny is the current Vice-President of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists,  Secretary of the Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor, Volunteer Information Specialist for the Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth Chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution in Windsor, Connecticut, and past Marketing Chair for the 2019 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference.

You’ll find Jenny participating in all formats of social media, always eager to learn new technology.  She is an avid micro-blogger on Twitter and Instagram and chronicles her genealogy journey in her blog, Like-Herding-Cats.com, which she began writing in June of 2015. During daylight hours, she is Executive Director of Windsor Community Television in Connecticut. When she is not chasing ancestors, Jenny is obsessed with classic Hollywood movies and watches them on TCM whenever she can, and she loves to spend time with her family and two cats.

A Little Bit of GeneaBloggers History

What began in 2007 as Jasia Smasha’s Carnival of Genealogy morphed into the GeneaBloggers group supporting online genealogy writers. In Jan 2008 Kathryn Doyle and LindaRae Palmer (footnoteMaven) wanted to produce a style guide for the term “GeneaBloggers” because at the time various genealogy bloggers were referring to the fledgling organization as genea-bloggers, GeneBloggers, genealogyBloggers, etc.

Back in the day, WikiPedia did not wish to add a GeneaBloggers topic not seeing it as an “entity” and footnoteMaven said “Let’s make us one.” Jasia Smasha, Kathryn Doyle, LindaRae Palmer (footnoteMaven), Miriam Robbins, Randy Seaver, and Terry Thornton aka The Graveyard Rabbit (deceased) were part of that core group. The Facebook group provides an outlet including distribution of the GeneaBloggers logo and the GeneaBloggers Facebook Group logo created by LindaRae Palmer (footnoteMaven) that she has graciously donated to the group. Though a 1995 weblog-er, DearMYRTLE didn’t enter the GeneaBloggers group until this point.

Thomas MacEntee joined the group in the summer of 2008, and by Jan 2009 reserved the domain. He wrote:

“Out of an abundance of caution I have decided to reserve the domain name geneabloggers.com (as well as genea-blogger.com, geneablogger.com and others – they all forward back to geneabloggers.com) in trust for the good of the Geneabloggers group. I am fronting the domain registration fees as well as the website hosting fees.  I’ve also taken care of the gene@pedia website hosting (more about this exciting new feature soon).” Source: Thomas MacEntee’s “Inquiring Minds Want to Know” posted 22 Jan 2009 at GeneaBloggers.com. (https://www.geneabloggers.com/inquiring-minds-want-to-know : viewed 21 May 2017.)

In January 2009, Thomas began robust community building around conference attendance, blogger beads and a website of resource assistance. In June 2017, after years of community building service, Thomas has stepped down to focus on his other genealogy interests.

Today, we’re on a path towards obtaining official nonprofit status. We continue to provide helpful resource links, daily blogging prompts, blogiversary listings, and welcome posts.

Pat Richley Errikson and Laura Hedgecock contributed to this article. Please also read It’s not just about blogging…
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