Happy BlogiversaryIf you have ancestors from Australia, Ireland and England you’ll enjoy “Cicadas, Bees and Barge Poles blog by ‘Marg.’ When she set up her blog back in Oct 2015, it took her a bit of time to come up with name for her blog. Marge writes I was day dreaming whilst watching a bee hovering over a parched white rose. A chorus of cicadas started up and crescendoed until they were screeching in unison. How quintessentially Australian that sound was I thought.”

Figure out “How Good a Wood Engraver was Edward Lee?  – studying this post if for nothing more than the variety of evidence she presents. Check out what happened during her day off from relative hunting during her 2014 trip to Ireland in “A Bee, a Saint and some Irish Woods.” Learn about Corellas in Marg’s “Sights and Sounds of Australia Part 1.”

Contributed by Pat Richley-Erickson
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