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Blogiversaries for October 16-17, 2017:


Happy Blogiversary to the Brandy Heineman blog!

Brandy Heineman started her blog in 2012. She’s a novelist and speaker interested in stories of the past and mysteries of faith in addition to being an avid genealogy sleuth.

Happy fifth blogiversary, Brandy!

Happy Blogiversary to Binding Generations: Family History & Genealogy

Makayla Nielson, a BYU grad, started Binding Generations: Family History & Genealogy a year ago to “organize and document all of the photos, autobiographies, biographies, and documents that have been passed down in my family and [her] husband’s family.” Currently, she’s posting a series from the autobiography of Robert McHenry.

Happy first Blogiversary, Makayla!

Happy Blogiversary to GeneaJourneys!

Pat Desmond Biallas, a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists as well as the National Society of Family History Writers & Editors,  started GeneaJourneys in 2011 to “share what I’ve discovered—or just how I feel about what I’ve discovered—with family, friends and fellow genealogists.”

Happy sixth blogiversary, Pat!

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