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Free Kindle App

Have you tuned out all the hype and talk about Kindle books, like the new Obituaries in Genealogy: A Research Tool, because you don’t have a Kindle device? What you and many other genealogists may not know is that there is a Kindle app you can download for FREE that will allow you to read Kindle books on almost any device!

How the FREE Kindle App Works

Click here to download the Kindle App and follow the steps in terms of what device you are using. (It is recommended that you access this post from the mobile device where you want the app installed and then follow the instructions).

Then you can go to the Kindle Store and activate your device per the instructions and begin downloading Kindle books. Remember that there are many FREE Kindle Books (see below) and that you can also import certain types of books from Google Books and Internet Archive (also see below).

How I Use Kindle for Genealogy

Thomas MacEntee's Kindle App

The image above is a screen capture from my own Kindle App on my PC desktop. The fact is, I don’t own a Kindle device because I feel I already have too many devices between my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone. So why not enable these devices so they can access my Kindle books? That’s why the Kindle App is so important.

If you take a close look you can see I read books on social media, business, creativity, entrepreneurship as well as genealogy. Many genealogy books like Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith are available in Kindle format.

Another trick: if I can download the EPUB format of a public domain book from Google Books or Internet Archive, I then upload it to the Kindle App . . . like The History of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Monticello, New York for One Hundred Years, 1816-1916. This way, I have it accessible on my iPad or other devices and I consult the book while on a research trip.  I can even access my own books by uploading the EPUB file to the Kindle App.

The fact is, with the Kindle App, you can transform your tablet computer or other mobile device into a genealogy resource center. No more copying PDFs or ebooks to flash drives which then get lost.  Also, you can instantly make purchases through the Kindle Store via the Kindle App just as you would on a Kindle device.

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Tons of Free Books for Kindle

Having the Kindle App installed doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on Kindle books. Visit the Free Kindle Book group on Facebook to find free books. And click here to search the Kindle Store for free genealogy books.

An Incentive – Free Kindle Book Resources

Here are some resources on getting free ebooks to use with your new Kindle App!

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[Editor's Note: we just received the following communication from about the recent website outages.]

Around 1:30 p.m. MT on Monday, June 16, 2014, attackers targeted Ancestry with a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS). During the attack, Ancestry websites along with the Find A Grave website were clogged with massive amounts of bogus traffic that took the sites down.

We want to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and also thank you for your amazing support, as this may have interrupted some of your family history research. We understand how frustrating this can be for our customers, and please know that it was just as frustrating for us too. We appreciate your patience and support as we dealt with this unfortunate incident against Ancestry.

We have since neutralized the DDoS attack and our services have been up since 11:00 a.m. MT today. You should now be able to access all Ancestry and Find A Grave websites, though you may experience issues intermittently as we continue to work through bringing the sites back up to full capacity.

Your data was not compromised by this attack. This attack overloaded our servers with massive amounts of traffic but did not impact or access the data within those servers. No data was impacted in any way.

I would like to thank the Ancestry Web Operations team for working really hard throughout the night to restore the Ancestry and Find A Grave services and build the defenses necessary to mitigate future attacks of this sort. Our Web Operations team is closely monitoring the situation in case the attacks resume and we’re doing everything in our power to protect our websites from situations like this in the future.

Thank you.

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Which is the Best Data Backup Method for Genealogy?

data backup day

I can’t believe it is June already and another Data Backup Day has arrived (and passed). I’m hoping you’ve taken some time to backup your precious genealogy research and if not, there’s still hope . . . here is the latest information along with some recommendations:

The Latest in Data Backup Methods

There really is no excuse for not backing up your data these days; a variety of hardware devices, apps and other programs make the process easily and some even run in the background while you work!

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Click here to find some of the best data backup solutions at Amazon at the best prices! Check out the WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup which is only $69 for a huge amount of storage space!

You can also get a one-year subscription to BackBlaze at Amazon for only $50! Click here for more information!

Data Backup Resources

GeneaBloggers has developed a resource list of data backup methodologies and solutions. Click here to learn how you can backup almost every aspect of your blog, your browser, your computer – even Macs!

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