Genealogy Blog Tip: Obituary Posts

Genealogy Blog Tip: Obituaries I’ve seen many different ways of sharing obituaries on genealogy blogs, some effective and others practically useless to other researchers. So what’s the best way to share an obituary or a death notice that you’ve come upon as part of your research? To me, these should be the goals of posting an obituary to your genealogy or family history blog:

  • Share information with other family members who remember the deceased.
  • Share information related to a person’s death to assist other genealogy researchers.

A good obituary post consists of three parts: 1) a scanned or digitized image of the obituary, 2) a transcription of the text, and 3) a brief source citation. The example for this blog post is a recent post to my personal genealogy blog, Destination: Austin Family on 13 July 2014 entitled Sunday’s Obituary: Catherine Sullivan O’Keefe 1837-1928.

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DearMYRTLE Hosts a GeneaSleepOver – Are You In?

DearMyrtle's GeneaSleepOver
Have you heard the latest news? Want to be part of a fun, on-line genealogy event and at the same time help the genealogy community index important family history records?

DearMYRTLE is hosting a GeneaSleepOver in support of the Worldwide Indexing Project at FamilySearch starting on Sunday 20 July 2014. I will be there as part of the Google Hangout, wearing my pajamas and helping to index records at FamilySearch.

If you’ve been interested in how the Family Search Indexing Project works, this is a great opportunity to participate and to have a fun time interacting with other genealogists. Check our DearMYRTLE’s post here on how you can participate and mark your calendars for Sunday 20 July 2014!

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We just received this quick word from this morning regarding the shutdown of some of its properties and services planned for 5 September 2014:

Due to recent site issues, we will be extending the period that MyFamily, MyCanvas,, Mundia and the Y-DNA and mtDNA websites will be available. These sites will not retire until September 30, 2014.

You may remember that several sites including fold3, Find A Grave, RootsWeb, MyCanvas and suffered through a Distributed Denial of Service attack a few weeks ago.

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