New Genealogy Blogs 11 January 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ancestry addict

Ancestry Addict
Blog type: Family

This is a family history journal. It documents my interest in ancestry. It’s here that I’ll track and dialogue my efforts to delve into the past, solve family mysteries, and bring life back to those who are history – my history.

Barnas Hjerter Til Fedrene

Barnas Hjerter Til Fedrene
(The Children’s Hearts to the Fathers)
Blog type: Family, Norway, Norwegian

On this genealogy blog I write about what I’m doing with my and others family history, what concerns me and all I can do as genealogist.


  • How to do Genealogy in Norway
  • FAMILY (s)
  • Weekly Teasures
  • Interviews with genealogists
  • Genealogy Tips
  • Family Pictures

My name is Catherine, live in Moss, Norway and have been doing genealogy since I was 12. To learn a little more about me then read under the tab “About Me”

finding my ancestors

Finding My Ancestors
Blog type: Canada, Canadian, Family, French-Canadian, Italian, Italy, Ukrainian

Hi! Welcome to my blog. In this first post I’d like to write a little about the events that led to this blog.

I have always been interested in genealogy, probably because there was so much I never thought I’d know about my ancestors. My mother is of Latvian descent, and for a long time I believed that probably little to no records from this tiny, tumultuous country existed (this is entirely untrue, and I have made quite good progress in finding my Latvian ancestors! My Latvian genealogy blog can be found HERE).

My father, on the other hand, was adopted. We didn’t talk about it much, and he never sought out information about his biological parents. We speculated he could be of Italian or Portuguese descent from his complexion. Then one day, he was contacted by a biological sister who had been hunting down information for decades. We learned that my biological grandparents were of Ukrainian-French Canadian and Italian-French Canadian descent. My father and my newfound aunt stayed in contact through letters and phone calls for years; she lives a fair distance away. Then, more recently (and I’m still not quite sure how!) she discovered the identities (and surnames)of their biological parents. Finally! With surnames, I could begin digging into our genealogy!

full family circle

Full Family Circle
Blog type: Family, UK Genealogy

I am based in Bedfordshire, England and have been researching the family history of my family and friends for over 10 years now. These searches have taken me to many areas of research in different countries primarily England and Northern Ireland, but also Gibraltar, Canada and the USA.

When I discovered that the traditional methods of reporting and sharing genealogical information were not engaging the next generation I started to come up with new ideas.

This search for ways to share my genealogy was the catalyst for Full Circle Family History.

I am a member of the Guild of One Name Studies with the registered name of Tillin with variants Tillen and Tilling.


Blog type: Family

Researching my English and Irish roots, through old methods and new (DNA).

historys faces

History’s Faces
Blog type: Family, Native American

Genealogy is a journey back through time, in which you learn what your family’s place was in history and how history has affected your family and you.

kerry snippets

Kerry Snippets
Blog type: Ireland, Irish

Information for people searching their Kerry and/or Irish roots.

mountain laurel chronicle

Mountain Laurel Chronicle
Blog type: Family

A genealogy and family history blog about my ancestors in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and England.

our fortenberry family

Our Fortenberry Family
Blog type: Family

The purpose of this site is to share information about our branch of the Fortenberry family.  With pictures and stories spread  throughout the family, it has become imperative that we share pictures and stories.  Please leave comments if you have any feedback you would like to share.


Blog type: Genealogy society, UK genealogy

The Trinity Family History Group meets in the Library at Trinity Catholic School in Leamington Spa.  It is a support and social group for family history researchers who meet to chat and exchange stories one evening a month from 7-9 pm.  Formed in September 2006 it is now a lively group who always welcome new members.

It meets on a different night of the week each month to avoid school events and also to make it possible for most of the members to attend as many of the meetings as they can if they have other commitments.

Some evenings are devoted to a single subject such as exploring new software or websites and sometimes small groups get together to visit a particular archive or record office as part of our “Record Office Buddy” policy.

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New Genealogy Blogs 4 January 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

dick wahlin

Dick Wåhlin bloggar om släktforskning och även lite annat också
Blog type: Family, Sweden, Swedish

Swedish: Jag heter Dick Wåhlin och bor i Bankeryd strax utanför Jönköping

Jag är mycket intresserad av släktforskning och samlar därför både stora och små episoder i livet från både förr i tiden men även från nutid. När man börjar att släktforska vill man ofta komma så lång bakåt i tiden som möjligt och det är också något som jag redan gjort. Numera är det mycket mer intressant att samla små vardagliga berättelser om både människor som lever idag och givetvis om dem som har levt för längre sedan. Det nämligen dessa berättelser som skapar innehåll till släktforskningen. Visst är det intressant med namn och datum på äldre släktingar men det är berättelserna om hur och var de levt sina liv som ger verkligt innehåll till forskningen. Så mitt råd till alla som vill börja att släktforska är att samla berättelser och skriv ner dem. Det som är nutid idag blir snart bortglömt men du kan göra det till en viktig del av din egen släktforskning för kommande generationer.

English (via Google Translate): My name is Dick Wåhlin and live in Bankeryd just outside Jönköping

I am very interested in genealogy and collector therefore both large and small episodes in the life of both the old days but also from the present. When one begins to family research one often wants to get as long back as possible and it’s also something that I already did. Nowadays it’s much more interesting to collect small everyday stories of both people alive today and of course about those who have lived long ago. It namely those stories that create content for genealogy. Is not it interesting with names and dates on elderly relatives but there are stories of how and where they lived their lives that gives real substance to the research. So my advice to anyone who wants to start their family history is to gather stories and write them down. What is present today will be soon forgotten but you can make it an important part of your own family history for future generations.

family tree discovery

Family Tree Discovery
Blog type: Family, Virginia

I’m a Richmond native with deep Virginia roots.  What started as a little dabbling into the census records of my family on a family member’s account many years ago has become a full-blown passion for family history and genealogy research.

My personal objectives are to gather more than just names, but to learn the whys and hows of my ancestors’ lives and to learn as much as I can about the art and science of genealogy so that I can eventually help others to do the same.

The purpose of this blog is to share my findings so that others researching their Virginia roots can make the same kinds of connections that have helped me to break through so many of those inevitable brick walls.

genealogy adventures

Genealogy Adventures
Blog type: African-American, Family

I’m currently a resident of Boston after decades of living in London and the incredibly stunning Cornwall.  I’m a part-time University lecturer in Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Integrated Communications and Online Networking.  I’m also an Integrated Digital Communications Director & CEO in the entertainment and media industry.

Genealogy has joined a number of my pursuits.  Starting as something of a new hobby and a birthday present for my dad, genealogy has become something of a semi-professional sideline. Equally informative and fun, this adventure serves a bigger purpose for me.  Genealogy has proven that strangers can sometimes be connected in surprising ways.  Tracing my family tree has placed my family in a much wider context than I could have ever originally envisaged.  Surprise revelations and unexpected twists and turns connects my family to places, historical events and people neither me nor my family could have guessed.  That’s the fun of genealogy.  My motto is to abandon suppositions and nuggets of information that have been passed down the generations as fact – and approach your adventure in genealogy with an open mind…and embrace the unexpected.

If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned why I’ve always loved bockwurst, sauerkraut with hot mustard along with Baumkuchen. And I’ve learned why moving to England felt like a homecoming.


Blog type: Australia, Australian, Professional Genealogist

Who is Genie1?

Louise Coakley – BBus, CPA, MBA

Genie1 is me – Louise Coakley.  I have more than 15 years online genealogical research experience.  I have been a member of the Genealogical Society of Victoria for more than 13 years, and I am also a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists and the Cairns & District Family History Society.  I am passionate about helping other people learn to research their families, I love a good challenge and I enjoy solving family mysteries!

My professional qualifications include a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business (Data Processing), and Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), as well as a long list of other professional development courses and activities.  Clients benefit from my highly-developed analytical and research skills, problem solving abilities, attention to detail, high standards of quality and integrity, and my extensive experience, which combine to deliver superior quality genealogical research and reporting outcomes.

My Background

My first exposure to family history research was in my university years when I occasionally accompanied my sister and mother to the Victorian State Library and the Genealogical Society of Victoria whilst they were researching my mother’s side of the family (pre-internet days).

My early professional career was with one of Australia’s ASX Top 100 corporations, specialising in mainframe information systems support, accounting, data management, systems and procedural documentation, data research & analysis, decision support, and training employees in systems, quality improvement, data integrity, information accessibility, and reporting.  I was an early adopter of the internet, very familiar with databases and methods of extraction, an experienced trainer of individuals and groups in accessing and manipulating data from multiple sources and turning it into meaningful information, as well as a writer of training course materials, user manuals, guides, fact sheets, and simple system documentation that non-technical end users could easily understand and follow – eg. step-by-step instructions including screen-prints.

When I was later at home with young children, I became interested in family history myself, got online, joined mailing lists, corresponded with numerous interesting people around the world (related and unrelated), bought a microfiche reader and sets of microfiche, CDs, parish records, censuses & directories, scoured library books and references, did thousands of fiche lookups and transcriptions for myself and in response to other people’s online queries.  As soon as online databases became available, I subscribed and supported them and have watched as technology and digitisation of records has changed basic research forever.

There are, of course, still millions of unindexed and unscanned records hidden away in archives all over the world, just waiting to be discovered.  I enjoy teaching people to start their initial research online where records are readily available and the genealogy bug is waiting to be caught, and in time leading them to non-online materials as their experience increases, to expand their foundation genealogies into interesting family histories.

k and t genealogy

K&T Genealogy
Blog type: Family

Welcome to K & T Genealogy! Please make yourself at home.

K & T stands for Ken and Trina and on this site you will learn about our genealogy research. My name is Ken Spangler and my wife’s name is Trina (Julius) Spangler.

My personal research was started around the summer of 2000 and I have quite a bit of information to share. My wife’s research, done mainly by me, is not that thorough. It will probably be the one that gets the least attention at first but I promise it will eventually get some attention.

So, let’s get to the surnames, shall we? My 4 main surnames are Spangler, Gamble, Forbes and Stevenson. My wife’s 4 main surnames are Julius, Light, Norton and Foulk. My initial plans are to add pages for Ken’s Paternal and Ken’s Maternal and for Trina’s Paternal and Trina’s Maternal and then feature our research from there.

There will also be a blog page where I can share what is happening, update on my research and perhaps share a tip or two every now and then.

I hope you will enjoy your stay and feel free to visit as often as you’d like!

radiant roots boricua branches

Radiant Roots, Boricua Branches
Blog type: African-American, Family, Latino, Puerto Rico

For the past decade, I have been researching my genealogy. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that I began to research my family history in depth. Aided by my third cousin Andrea, I have been able to uncover more than I could have ever imagined about my maternal ancestors. On this side of my family, I am the descendant of slaves, slave  owners whose roots trace back to early colonial VA, NY/NJ and New England, Free People of Color,  Native Americans, European immigrants, early Black abolitionists, Underground Railroad stationmasters and conductors, educators, businessmen/women, and Black church founders. It is these ancestors whom I refer to as RADIANT ROOTS. They left a legacy that still shines brightly today.

My parents separated when I was three years old and I was raised by a single mother and her parents.  My father resurfaced, after the death of my mother in 1991, when I was 23 years old. I am thankful that I had a good 10 years getting to know him before he passed away. Because he was an only child and  his parents passed away when I was a toddler, I never knew anyone on his side of the family. But, thanks to DNA testing, I have found my Puerto Rican cousins. BORICUA BRANCHES refers to the Puerto Rican side of my family— a side I am so happy to have rediscovered.

the genealogy bug

The Genealogy Bug
Blog type: Australia, Australian, Family

The aim of this blog is to collect and share information that might be of interest to other genealogists & family history researchers.  This includes:

  • Information, ideas, links I find helpful, articles from other blogs & newsletters I read & news about genealogy in general.
  • My own research & research interests (both in Australia & overseas) and learning activities I take part in (formal & informal).

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New Genealogy Blogs 28 December 2013

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 3 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

georgia genealogist

Georgia Genealogist Blog
Blog type: Georgia, Family

This blog is an extension of the Natchez, Cherokee, Creek Research Project. It provides an opportunity to share this ongoing research with others. Included are selected portions of documents contained in the 1906 Guion Miller applications  (a.k.a. Eastern Cherokee applications or for short, ECAs). Abstracted information, immediate and extended family member names, collateral line names and relationships, and other records that document the families and their testimonies are also included. The mission of the project is to further the study, research, and documentation of the families who filed the 1906 Guion Miller applications.

heritage inheritance and legacy

Heritage, Inheritance, & Legacy
Blog type: Family

Welcome!  I’ve been blogging semi-regularly for a few years now – sometimes as a mom, sometimes as an advocate for my kids’ education, sometimes as a wanna-be genealogist.  I finally decided that it was time to gather all of my genealogy/history thoughts into a place all of their own.  This is where I write on my own family history discoveries, and my journey into the world of certification (or becoming certifiable).

kimmy t's family trees

Kimmy T’s Family Trees
Blog type: Family

Let us walk the path our ancestors walked before us, sharing their life stories so that we may better understand our own. You are welcomed along on this family research journey in awareness and respect through genealogy.

© 2013, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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