New Genealogy Blogs 15 March 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

chasing hannah

Chasing Hannah
Blog type: Family

Growing up, I never was a fan of history.  Boring, boring, boring.  None of those people mattered to me, and remembering dates seemed like an enormous waste of time.  And those freaky people who stared back at you in old photos! Could they look any more stoic and depressed?  I figured those people never saw a day of fun in their life.

I suppose growing older and wiser (depends who you ask about this one!) opened me to the fact of the rich heritage that precedes us.  Childhood, education, falling in love, building a family, religion, careers, struggle, war, growing older, health and sickness, and departing the earth.  Times may have changed, but I don’t think people have too much.

Even though world history didn’t intrigue me as a child, family history always interested me.  My parents divorced when I was very young.  My mother, the daughter of missionaries, grew up in the Belgian Congo and the Philippines, and we didn’t keep in touch with her family regularly as they scattered across the US upon returning.  My father came from a boisterous family who settled in Baltimore around the time of WWII.  Many happy weekends and holidays were spent at my grandparents’ house with aunts, uncles and cousins.

On my father’s side, no one ever quite knew where we all came from.  My maiden name being Stafford suggests England.  But there were so many family “rumors” over the years that we tended to have a mishmash of heritages:  “Oh, your grandfather’s mother probably had some Italian (pronounced Eye-talian) in her;” “I’m pretty sure we’ve got Indian in us somewhere.”

About five years ago I finally endeavored to research all the questions I had.  And that search has brought a richness to my life in ways I never expected.  I hope to share my research journey and hopefully encourage others to start a search of their own.  I can honestly promise you the search will change your life and cut through your heart in ways you could never have imagined.

I’m calling it Chasing Hannah in honor of my paternal great-grandmother.  What I found out about her changed my life completely and opened my heart. And broke it.

I am not a writer, nor do I claim to be.  My background is in the theatre.  And some experience in photography.  I’m a visual person.  I hope to include many photographs of my own in this blog.  Some will be old, most hopefully come from my eye and camera.

I also love food.  Food brings people together in beautiful ways.  Laughter, conversation, a way to connect with family, colleagues, and friends old and new.  My husband and I have a food blog called The Pêche.  Much love has been put into that.  Food plays a huge part in our lives, and hopefully a lot of discussion will surround cooking as well.

So I’m ready to start my journey, and hopefully you can start yours as well.  Onward.  And backward through history!

climbing the family trees

Climbing the Family Trees
Blog type: Family

I started this process of finding where my family is from several months ago with one goal in mind – be able to tell my father exactly where he came from.  My dad is one proud Irish man and I wanted to tell him exactly where in Ireland his ancestors were born.  This journey has taken me to places I could never have imagined and I am but an infant in this vast world of research.  I am so overwhelmed I have decided to take this research out of my head and computer and onto the big screen where I can hopefully compose my thoughts into one giant blog and I can finally follow my train of thought in this process.  I know want to travel to places I never even thought of to find homes, graves and records to add to my research so I can hand my father a gift.  The exact location of where his family originated.

letters from martin

Letters from Martin
Blog type: Diaries, Family, Letters

In 2011, I discovered a dozen letters written between 1898 and 1927 from an unknown family member. A year later I joined a family reunion on the other side of the world. “Letters from Martin” (“this blog”) is about how I learned genealogical research; it is about the people I met, their stories and other discoveries I made.

It’s a personal blog. Its purpose is to inspire people to search for their ancestors and to provide information and links to web sites that can be helpful for amateur genealogists.

Please note: Any opinions expressed in this blog are my own and are not shared or endorsed by my employer.

My sincere thanks goes to all the people of the genealogy community who have helped me to overcome dead ends and pointed me to valuable resources for my research; to the all the unnamed people from the archives all over Europe for quickly answering my inquiries and to those who worked hard to put all the resources online. You did a great job!

Georg, tracker and scout from Bavaria, Germany, who guided me through the “wilderness” in Bohemia and helped me to discover the trails, places and even the remains of some houses my ancestors lived in.

The Museum of the Bohemian Forrest from which I could borrow research material that was out of print.

Ulrike from Germany, who helped me to connect the German and Austrian line of my family.

Hans from Austria, who acted as the guardian for the 100 year old research for one of my lines that I could build on.

Marge from Nebraska, USA, who helped me to connect and complete the line of an uncle, who emigrated to the U.S.

Special thanx goes to Ben from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a relative whom I found during my research (actually, he found me :). He helps me with proofreading.

And finally, heartily greetings to Laura from Arizona, USA. Thank you for showing me around on the land of Martin.

roots of kinship

Roots of Kinship
Blog type: Family

Roots of Kinship documents my family history, including all the fun facts I find, photos of ancestors and information on how I did my research.  It includes how-to tutorials, transcriptions of documents, and a surname list linked to posts about those surnames.  I am an amateur genealogist, with a professional seriousness about the craft.  I spend a lot of time educating myself on research techniques, available sources, and best practices.  I enjoy sharing how I apply this to my own research with others.

© 2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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New Genealogy Blogs 8 March 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

a la French Genealogy Blog

a la French Genealogy Blog
Blog type: French

I’ve been married 30 yrs to a wonderful man, mother of 6 living children, three with Jesus, grandmother of 7, and crazy about French genealogy. I love reading mysteries, and am inspired by many crafters, sewers, knitters, and inexpensive ideas to fix up and decorate the home.

armenians in india

Armenians in India – Behind the Scenes Forgotten History
Blog type: Armenia, Armenian, India, Indian

Fascinated by Armenian family history in Asia, I have decided to share some of my research finds here. Many of the documents I post have never been seen in public and I hope you find them interesting. My research is peppered with stories of the lost, forgotten, the ordinary and extra-ordinary, there are indigo planters, bathroom attendants, apothecaries, architects and priests, barristers and bank managers, engineers and time-keepers, doctors, farriers, teachers, mechanics, musicians, magistrates, portrait painters, and valets – they all had a life, they all have a story and I’m trying to do them all. For Armenian graves in India and other historical postings please see my main website

family tree

Family Tree
Blog type: Family

Starting my journey on blogging about my family tree. I have been working on my tree since 1996 and have hit several walls. I have also connected with new family members and broke through some of those walls. I am now hoping to connect to even more family member and correcting mistakes in my tree. I think blogging is a great way to tell those stories we all hear about from family and sharing them. With a family tree blog, maybe a story will connect another family or help another to find that missing link they have looked all over to find. That is what I am hoping to do as well.

genealogy under constructions

Genealogy Under Construction
Blog type: Family, Latino, Puerto Rico

I started my blog to keep track of my research of my family which hails from Puerto Rico. My blog deals with record searching, ancestors’ stories, DNA testing/discoveries and everything that falls in between. As of recent, my blog has begun to include research of my recently discovered ancestors from Martinique and Guadeloupe, their journey, and the genealogical brick walls associated with them. As a New York born Puerto Rican, I want to show through my blog that researching your ancestors is just as real and possible for Puerto Ricans!

genealogy universe

Genealogy Universe
Blog type: Family

A brief description is sort of difficult. I am just getting started as a blogger. I only post now and then, but want to do it more often. The posts are about whatever is on my mind, so there is no theme as such. I called it “Genealogy Universe” because it is about anything touching genealogy, or what I think about genealogy.

larcom family tree

Larcom Family Tree
Blog type: Family

Genealogy, family history and stories about my Larcom family – from the Alps to America, MA to FL, and all the details in-between.

putnam sisters

Putnam Sisters
Blog type: Family

I  started my genealogy search in 1984 to provide a little family history for the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration of our parents, Lloyd F. PUTNAM and Dorothy A. (née. DOUGHERTY). The presentation made was well received but there were a lot of questions related to family stories that were unanswered.  My sister, Madeleine, became interested in finding some of those answers so we joined forces and made our first trip to Salt Lake City’s Family History Library in 1991. After many years of off and on research, field trips, one website, several online classes, and getting our family members to do their DNA, I have decided to start this family blog This is the result of many enjoyable hours we have spent trying to solve the mysteries within our family history. There are still some elusive relatives and Madeleine has been known to ask on occasion, “When will we be done?”

the glamorous genealogist

The Glamorous Genealogist
Blog type: Family

I live in Los Angeles California. I have a love/hate relationship with this city. The hates: traffic ,pollution, general chaos, inferior grocery stores. The Loves: the ocean, the opportunities, sunshine and year round fresh strawberries……….. I have been researching Genealogy/family history for 18 years. I am a member of several lineage societies including The Daughters of The American Revolution. I write the occasional article for genealogical magazines. I have coerced male family members into participating in Family Tree DNA testing and have done the MTDNA tests myself. I am currently working on assembling information to publish as a member of The Guild of One Name Studies. I am responsible for the surname Bowles and its variants. I work on genealogy daily and although I am not a certified genealogist, I have been active in helping others research their family trees.

the lost scrapbooks

The Lost Scrapbooks
Blog type: Family

From the early 1920s to the late 1960s, my great grandfather created a bunch scrapbooks that were lost to our family for over 40 years.  Eleven of them have since been reclaimed.  This blog contains the articles, photos, and other memorabilia found in those scrapbooks – with commentary and information (as available) on individuals mentioned in the articles.

were all relative

We’re All Relative
Blog type: Family

As a girl I was curious about small things. I lay face-down in the meadow on sunny days and watched ants and beetles climb the delicate stems of storksbill or poppy. On rainy days I poked through drawers and cabinets and studied whatever treasures I found. Some of our cabinets held scraps of paper written by my grandmother, telling where that piece of furniture or that scrap of cloth came from. Not what store or what city, but what ancestor. There was a chest of drawers that belonged to Sir Isaac Newton’s half-sister. A blue and white blanket made of wool my great-great grandmother wove and loomed herself. A basket. A scrapbook. A metal box…. So many things that connected me to people long ago. This became a life-long interest, and the reason for my blog. I now have thousands of files, photos, articles, and the accumulated history of nearly 1,500 years of ancestors. Eventually, they will all be stored here. An ambitious goal, but I’ll take it one post at a time. I still like to lie face-down in spring meadows, my nose in the poppies and lupine. I don’t do it as much as I should.

© 2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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New Genealogy Blogs 22 February 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 17 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

all my foreparents

All My Foreparents
Blog type: DNA, Family, Jewish genealogy

My personal and professional genealogy interests, almost exclusively Ashkenazi-Jewish, with connections in Israel (where my children were born), in the US (where my parents and I were born), in eastern Europe (where my near ancestors were born) and back to Israel (where my ancient ancestors were born).

an amateur genealogists musings

An Amateur Genealogist’s Musings
Blog type: Family, Genealogy education

I decided to put together a blog to share stories, knowledge, and tips I have gathered from conducting my own family research. Out of all the tools, websites, documents, and/or libraries I have found the best source of information is fellow amateur genealogists, who are conducting research on their very own families. These experiences have led me to create this blog and hopefully someday there will be a large enough community within this blog to help one another break down those brick walls we have all encountered along the way.


Blog type: Family

My daddy was a great story teller, and he was full of family stories that I heard growing up.  Mostly these were about people that I had never met, but I became familiar with their names and a little bit about their lives.

My husband’s family history was sketchy – including the origin of the unusual spelling of the name.  When his uncle turned 80, he bought a computer and began writing the family story.  He emailed it to me a chapter at a time.  I wrote back asking more questions that he was happy to try to answer.

So began my genealogy interest. I like the hunt for the vital statistics and the relationships, but I really want to know the stories and lives of the names in the documents and faces in the photographs.

I am a librarian by profession, and in 2008 I became the Library Coordinator for Genealogy Services for Santa Rosa County Library System in Florida.  Because of this position, I have been able to expand my interest, knowledge, and passion.  I make local genealogy presentations on behalf of the library system a few times each year.  I have also taken courses with the National Genealogical Society to further my education in the field of genealogy.

I plan to share some of these family stories and discoveries on my blog. I hope you find them as interesting as I have enjoyed discovering them.  Please share your comments with me.

baring marshas roots

Baring Marsha’s Roots
Blog type: African-American, Family, German

I have always had a general interest in history and have been researching my family’s history since about 2005. This blog is my attempt at documenting and sharing family stories, memories and research discoveries from my African-American and German roots.

Discovering My Ancestors

Discovering My Ancestors
Blog type: Australia, Family

Stories about my Australian and English ancestors and about researching. This Blog is all about my extended family history.  How it all began.

I will be sharing stories that I have written, interesting newspaper articles relating to various ancestors, some research tips, extracts from my books – the various Sections of the Pye family history called “Tapestry” and whatever I am inspired to write about my love of genealogy.


El Blog Genealógico de
Blog type: Genealogy Vendor, Latino, Spain

Our blog (in spanish langage) offers curious information and tips to genealogical research, We have also useful downloadable free material to amateurs genealogists.

family stories

Family Stories
Blog type: Family

I’ve been researching my family history on and off for years, and have gathered together various notebook scribblings, certificates, letters and family photos.  I use Family Tree Maker to record everything (although I don’t particularly like it) and I synch this with my family tree on (Smiths and Shaws).

The thing about researching family history is that everyone further back from living memory just ends up as a series of dates and places.  It makes for satisfying detective work but doesn’t give much of an insight into the people themselves.

So in this web site I’m going to try and bring together all the information about particular people from my tree and as much as I can, tell their story.

Anyone interested can subscribe to this web site, and do let me know if you have any other information to add to the stories.

find our family

Find Our Family
Blog type: Genealogy vendor, UK genealogy

Family history research specialising in the Staffordshire Black Country area.  Family trees, reports and documents provided plus genealogical gifts and supplies.  Worldwide enquiries welcome.

genealogy a la carte

Genealogy à la carte
Blog type: Canada, Canadian, French-Canadian

Montrealers are known for their love of dining in restaurants, and genealogists are no exception. Over a meal or coffee, genealogists talk about everything from new resources and genealogy standards to education, issues, and societies. Sometimes, we even share stories about our ancestors from Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world. This blog is inspired by the conversations I have with my friends. So, pull up a chair. The conversation rarely stops.

hoosier daddy

Hoosier Daddy?
Blog type: DNA, Family, Genealogy Education

After 34 years of genealogical research and choosing it as my profession, I am now experiencing every genealogist’s nightmare. Through the wonders of DNA analysis, I have recently found out that my mother’s father is not the man she though it was. I am now searching for a stranger from 1946. This blog will document that search as well as serve to inform and teach genealogical methods, especially as they related to DNA.

Legends and Larrikins, Saints and Sinners

Legends and Larrikins, Saints and Sinners
Blog type: Australia, Australian, Family

Haskell Family History is moderated by Susan Clarke Haskell who lives in Highland Park, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Susan Haskell nee Clarke is married to Ray Haskell, now retired Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with the Queensland Government.  Ray specializes in building services with a special interest in the provision of clean rooms in the health industry and in “green” environments. Ray is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology. Susan practised as a registered nurse for many years and was a small business owner in property, travel, food, gift and floral services. Ray and Susan Haskell are Life Members of the Haskell Family Association based in the United States.

During the last fifteen years Susan has developed  her interest in Family History which keeps expanding. Gradually, the knowledge of where to find that elusive date or place or name has meant that a lot of information has been linked when it has eluded others. After many years of personal research including three overseas trips to UK record offices and checking the work of earlier researchers in original and other records, these efforts will be  freely available on Haskell Family History for the benefit of Haskells everywhere. We love to hear from Haskell cousins from all over the world with news & information to share.

little oak - roots and branches

Little Oak: Roots and Branches
Blog type: Family, Jewish, Russian

Welcome to Little Oak Blog, dedicated to documenting my genealogical journey. My first name is Heather, and the blog’s name comes from my last name, Dubnick, which means “Little Oak” in Russian.

I’m a writer, editor, and researcher with a passion for genealogy. To find out more about me and what I do, please visit my main website at and my family history services site at

my genealogy journey

My Genealogy Journey
Blog type: Family

My blog features articles about various relatives that I have been researching.  I also have a few general genealogy postings.  Lately, I’ve been blogging about my journey to becoming a professional genealogist.

opening doors in brick walls

Opening Doors in Brick Walls
Blog type: Family, Luxembourg

This is about me, my favorite hobby and how I open doors in my brick walls.

Raised as a military brat I’ve lived in Georgia, France, Idaho, West Virginia, Spain, South Carolina, Texas, and Luxembourg. My husband and I have been married 36 years and have two grown children. When I’m not researching, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful countryside in Luxembourg and surrounding countries. This past year I rode 4,061 km (2,523 miles) and a total of 13,975 km (8,684 miles) from 2008-2013. We enjoy collecting photos of old doors seen in our travels, which gave me the idea for the name of my GEDCOM file and this blog.

I’ve been doing genealogy since the early 1990′s. I received a package with information on my American families and, to fix the lopsided tree, began working on my Luxembourgish families. These make up 3/4 of my children’s ancestry as both my husband and my mother are from Luxembourg.

What began as “Our Meder-Dempsey Family” at RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project about 2000 was renamed Opening Doors in Brick Walls in October 2011.

On December 2, 2012 Opening Doors in Brick Walls joined Facebook! It was a new way to share the progress and new breakthroughs being made in the family tree. The plan was [and still is] to unlock the doors and give them a push if they were stuck!

I decided to [silently] accept Amy Johnson Crow’s Challenge: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks at the beginning of 2014 and posted the first 3 entries to our closed family group on Facebook. Things went well and I’ve decided [maybe] it’s time to join the blogging world. Although I only started this blog on January 23, 2014, older genealogy pieces that I’ve written are being added to the archives.

I’d enjoy hearing what you think of Opening Doors in Brick Walls.

oregon ancestry

Oregon Ancestry
Blog type: Family, Genealogy Vendor, Oregon is geared toward those who need to do research or have an interest in Oregon’s genealogical resources and/or history. The blog covers various topics with this subject matter in mind. For example, recent blogs this month have included subjects such as Oregon’s anti-black laws, Baker County ditch digging, album of criminals, usage of aerial photos in research, etc. A post that will go live later today is a biography of a Benton County, Ore., pioneer whose wife was the first person buried at a historic local cemetery.

tong blog

Tong Blog
Blog type: Family

I have been working on our genealogy for many, many years.  As part of that effort, I have maintained the web site ( since 1998.  In 2009, I set up the web site using TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding).  One of the things I love about TNG is how easy it is to include pictures and documents.

This blog focuses on highlighting the stories and pictures that we have collected over the years for each of the different surnames. For me, one of the most rewarding parts of working on family history is uncovering new facts or finding a picture of someone from long ago. It makes it all more personal. With this blog, we hope to share what we learn with others.

I hope you enjoy what you see.  Please comment and contribute.

triangle nc genealogy

Triangle NC Genealogy
Blog type: Family, North Carolina

Originally from Winston-Salem, N.C., I live in Raleigh.  I retired in 2012 as a software engineer, and now pursue family history (genealogy) as my primary hobby.

© 2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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