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New Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ancestors and cousins

Ancestors and Cousins
Blog type: Individual family history

The quest for locating my ancestors began for me in 1999. It has been a fabulous hunt which is not quite finished! In school my least favorite subjects were history and geography, my, oh, my how I have changed! Genealogy is my passion and I have searched for the ancestors of many friends and almost cousins (we believe we are related but have not found a definite link), too, basically in the USA where my ancestors settled.

My blog will not only include the history of my ancestors but also of the various other branches I have been and am still in the process of researching. I will be including some of the history of the places and times for the ancestors I find along with a few entries regarding traditions, family recipes, etc.

christina george genealogy

Christina George Genealogy
Blog type: Genealogy education blogs, Professional genealogist blog

I have been interested in genealogy since I was about ten years old.  I was especially intrigued by my grandmother’s mysterious family origins, and wondered if we’d ever discover more about her family. The availability of online records has opened new doors for my research, and inspired me to seek out as much information as possible about my family’s history. As a result, I have been researching my family, and that of my friends & coworkers, for about ten years — online, in-person, and through extensive letter writing to overseas archives, individuals and many other sources. I am absolutely obsessed with genealogy and would love to help you learn more about your family’s history too.

On this blog I will post general genealogy stories, and I strive to post at least one old newspaper article each day. I also love to share stories that are of interest to those of Eastern European ancestry, especially Carpatho-Rusyns. My personal studies have primarily focused on American genealogy and people with European ancestry — especially from the eastern parts of Europe (Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Greece, etc.) However, in most cases I am able to research families originating from anywhere in Europe. I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

christina george genealogy

Cousin Linda
Blog type: Individual family history, Swedish genealogy

When doing genealogy and family history research I find so many interesting things that hasn’t anything to do with my own family. Still those things makes me curious and I often do a small follow-up and I think a blog is the perfect place to share those findings. It might be a tombstone or a record about someone who lived in the place where I live but 100 years ago.

rocketts landing

Rockett’s Landing
Blog type: Individual family history

A Place to Share Thoughts about My Rockett Ancestry.

the antique dog photograph gallery

The Antique Dog Photograph Gallery
Blog type: Photography blog

All the antique dog photographs on this website are from my personal collection, unless otherwise noted.

I have been collecting photographs of dogs for the last 5 years, inspired my parents who have been collecting all manner of dog related antiques since the 1970′s. I decided to put this website together to share my collection with other collectors and dog lovers.

If you re-post any of my photos on the web I ask that you please link back to this website. Please do not use the images for commercial purposes.

I really hope you find the photographs in this website as fascinating as I do.

If you want to find out a bit more about me I can direct you to my website – I trained as an illustrator and I’m working as a Brand Manager for a UK cycle clothing company.

Lots of lovely things (including more antique photographs) on my Flickr photostream.

the single leaf

The Single Leaf
Blog type: Individual family history

During the autumn season, in some parts of the world, the leaf of a tree falls to the ground. Actually, many leaves fall, but one is noticed. It’s colorful. It’s beautiful. It’s similar but not the same as every other leaf that falls from the same tree. Other trees surrounding it are different altogether, yet they too have leaves that fall, with the exception of the evergreens. The leaf. The single leaf. Unique in its color, and pattern, and shape. Its identity is all its own. Its contribution to the surroundings can go unnoticed. Each person is like the single leaf. Without a medium of preservation, the individual’s story deteriorates into oblivion. Acknowledged, the experiences, challenges, and triumphs are added to the collective interaction we admire in the beauty of nature. Each person’s life is like the single leaf, colorful and rich. Once written, it is pressed between the pages of a book to be remembered. Individually, it can be studied, framed, and sometimes even admired. Collectively, the picturesque vision provides wisdom that aides future generations. The value of the single leaf is why I research individuals of the past in the context of family, community, and social history.

I am a serious researcher and a whimsical commentator teaching people how to enjoy pursuing their family history for over 25 years.

My interests are global; my contributions are local as I create the storyline of my own family history.

vance history online

Vance History Online
Blog type: Surname blog

While the Vance Family Association has a separate website, the Vance History Online blog was started to help online researchers looking for ideas and information about the Vance surname.  We have background information about the Vance surname, links to online books of interest, community projects to help collect research of interest, and links to message boards and online databases that would help Vance researchers.

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